It’s official!

It is with much excitement that we welcome you to De La Sol Haiti!

Born from a friendship and a common dream to see Haiti rise to the splendor of her fullest potential, the journey of De La Sol is one that began over a decade ago and with the launch of our website today is one step closer to that realization.

While our primary goal as a business is to bring amazing products from the soil of Haiti to a more lucrative market in the U.S., De La Sol is much, much more than just that. We also want to
use our business as a platform for sharing a bit of the history and culture of Haiti–a place that we believe to be the Soul of the Caribbean

Haiti is a land of spectacular beauty, incredible history and inspirational people, however all too often it is portrayed in the media as otherwise. We as a business, and as individuals, are determined to challenge those stereotypes and change those perceptions that reduce Haiti to a nation of little more than poverty and destruction. We must do so if we are to see Haiti rise to the splendor of her fullest potential!

As an integral part of our website, our blog will be our sounding board for all things Haitian — from history and music to art and literature–and everything else in between. We will also use it to keep you abreast with our growing business and to share a bit of our own stories as well. So stay tuned!

To start, we thought we’d share some of our favorite photographs taken in Haiti over the years.

What better way to tell a story than through pictures, right?! Hope you enjoy!

Welcome to our journey!



Stephanie, Anne, and Thelisma