Premium Products from Tree to Table

Allow our products to take you on a culinary journey to the soil of Haiti,
the soul of the Caribbean

  • Champagne Bleu Arabica Coffee

    All of our single-origin arabica coffee is organically grown on small plots of land by local farmers in the Champagne region of northern Haiti, one of the nation’s finest coffee-growing regions. Available roasted or unroasted, our beans make for a fabulous cup of drip coffee or in a finer grind, a superb shot of espresso. For those who prefer the art of creating their own roast, our green beans provide the perfect canvas.
  • Haitian Criolla Cacao

    Originating from the highly treasured criollo variety, all of our cacao beans are organically grown by local farmers in the Nord region of Haiti. Special care is taken after harvesting to ensure that only the beans with the highest quality and greatest flavors are used in production. All of our cacao beans are transported to our production facility in the small town of Plaisance where they are transformed into exquisite culinary ingredients: cacao nibs, cocoa powder, and cocoa butter.

On a Mountaintop
in Plaisance

Our production facility is located on a beautiful mountaintop in the city of Plaisance, a small town located in Haiti’s Nord region.

  • The Heart of Haiti

    Located in the heart of one of Haiti’s finest coffee growing regions, and not far from many of the cacao farms where we source our beans, our production facility is in the midst of one of the nation’s prime agriculture regions.
  • High Quality + Hand Processed

    Overseen by our President of Production, Thelisma Gracia, every one of our products is handprocessed in small artisanal batches to ensure the highest quality of production, while also providing greatly needed jobs. We currently have eight employees who help us transform raw products into exquisite culinary ingredients, and as our company continues to grow so too will the number of people we employ.

Our Journey to the Soul of the Caribbean

The story of how De La Sol came to be is not one that can be simply traced to a particular time and place.

  • It is the story of a journey of intertwining lives, and of destiny. One that begins in the Black Belt of Alabama, the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement, and ends up in Haiti, a nation born from a slave uprising. A story of how two women from Alabama began growing vanilla with cacao farmers in Haiti.
  • Inspired by a crazy dream and a desire to once again see Haiti become the Pearl of the Antilles, these two ladies from Alabama set out to once again bring the finest spices in the world from the soil of Haiti to the palates of people everywhere. Join us on our journey of history, of culture, and to the soul of the Caribbean.